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DC Battery Technologies Ltd, the UK’s fastest-growing battery distributor, has opened a new UK head office in Corby, Northamptonshire. The company specialises in Deep Cycle and Direct Current batteries under the DC Power brand, as well as batteries from the world-renowned Trojan and C&D ranges for leisure and industrial applications. The new UK hub offers 20,000 sq ft of modern warehousing with the capacity to stock over 2,000 pallets of batteries, and will house 12 staff members in management, sales, marketing, finance and admin roles.

DC Battery Technologies will supply Lithium, Lead Acid AGM, GEL and Carbon Gel Deep Cycle batteries from its new UK facility. The company is part of a larger group of battery distributors in Europe with organisations in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy. The group is also one of the largest distributors for Trojan and C&D Technologies’ batteries throughout Europe, and the new building will also become the new European HQ for Trojan and C&D Technologies.

Vanessa Human, Group Marketing Director at DC Battery Technologies said: “We’re delighted to open up our dedicated new facility in Corby. This will provide a centralised hub for all of our UK operations and help us to achieve our aim of becoming the superior independent battery distributor in the UK.

“Trojan is the biggest battery name in the world and along with C&D Technologies’ products and the lithium Poweroad Infinity batteries that are already receiving fantastic reviews, we have the best brands and technologies in their given fields from a select number of manufacturers to serve all of our core markets.”