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Choosing a Marine or Leisure Battery

Reliability is key when selecting a battery for your leisure vehicle, it’s also important to consider: 

  • How much power do I need for both everyday and emergency use?
  • What’s my budget? The highest quality may not be your best option if you are likely to sell your vehicle the following year, although this may enhance your selling price.
  • In our Price List and Datasheets there are columns called ‘Expected Lifetime KW**’ – this is the amount of energy the battery is expected to produce during its life. Check this carefully, there can be a significant difference between the lowest and highest specifications. Divide this figure by the cost options and you will find the best return on investment.

    When it comes to harder working applications for your vehicle, like off grid, daily use, or even commercial use, there is no substitute for buying the best, spend as much as you can afford and choose the product that’s right for you.

    Example of Lifetime Energy KW

  • DC12-120DT-SML – Retail £100*, Energy Units = 102 Cost per units = 98p
  • DC12-120DT-DC – Retail £160*, Energy Units = 518 Cost per units = 31p
  • DC12-120DT-XDC – Retail £200*, Energy Units = 864 Cost per units = 23p
  • DC12-110DT-CDC – Retail £250*, Energy Units = 1,584 Cost per units = 16p
  • PRLR-100 – Retail £500*, Energy Units = 4,800 Cost per unit = 10p***

    ** Prices are examples plus Vat.
    ***With lithium there are other factors to consider, some cost saving, eg weight (on a road vehicle this saves fuel) on a boat charging by generator, the faster recharge means less generator time, less fuel, less noise, less pollution.

    Choosing a Mobility Battery 

    Questions to consider

    The more ‘yes’s = better battery needed

    Am I a daily user?
    Do I travel long distances?
    Is the terrain steep?
    Is the weight of the passenger and goods heavy?
    Do I rely on the scooter a lot?
    Do I neglect to recharge the battery everytime I use it?
    Would I like to fast charge the battery?
    Is the weight of the battery important?
    Am I keeping the scooter a long time (>3 years)

Further further information and questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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