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Our Ranges

Trojan Flooded and AGM

Founded in 1925 by George Godber and Carl Speer, Trojan Battery Company has become the world’s leading manufacturer of Deep Cycle Solar and Motive batteries. Trojan produce a broad range of energy storage solutions including Deep Cycle Flooded, AGM, Gel and Lithium batteries.


DC Power Deep Cycle AGM and Xtra Deep Cycle AGM

Our Range of Sealed, Maintenance Free Cyclic Batteries are Predominantly Manufactured by Ritar Power Battery co, in their award winning state-of-the-art factory in Vietnam. Offering not only the highest Quality Standards, but also realistic prices to meet the everyday requirements for most applications.


DC Power GEL and Carbon Gel

The DC Power range of 100% True Gel Batteries offer the tried and tested solution to Deep Cycle performance, with greater charge acceptance. Gel Batteries have always offered Long Life expectancy in difficult environments.

NEW – the Latest Technology, Lead Carbon Gel Batteries, offering all the features of AGM and GEL, but now with the addition of Carbon Negative Plates. One of the largest reasons for failure in Lead Acid Batteries is Sulphation, caused by inadequate charging. Carbon helps overcome this problem, extending life significantly in these environments.


DC Power Direct Current, General Purpose, UPS and Front End Terminal

Our Direct Current, high quality batteries are designed for the standby power, emergency back-up (UPS) markets. The XFR range of batteries, designed to produce a lot of power over a short period, are manufactured with thin plate technology (punch plate) and can produce a 20% + high rate of energy (Watts) over a 15 minute period, compared to a standard general purpose battery. This also makes these batteries ideal for engine starting and

for the operation of anchor winches and inverters, amongst other applications.


Poweroad Lithium

Poweroad is a professional, lithium-ion battery based green power solution, first introduced in 2009. Expertly manufactured, POWEROAD can deliver lithium-ion batteries designed to power a long list of applications, from daily activities to crucial power support/drop-in replacement and custom solutions too.

All Poweroad Lithium Batteries below are individually certified to UN 38.3 (this is the whole battery, not just the cells).


DC Power and Poweroad Sealed Marine & Leisure, and Traffic Management

In the last 40 years, demand for batteries suitable to cope with leisure applications has increased exponentially. The DC Power range of leisure batteries has been designed to meet this need. The introduction of inverters being one of the major drivers
in this. We offer an extensive range of sealed, maintenance-free batteries robust enough to cope with the hardest working conditions. Products include flooded sealed, deep cycle, AGM, Xtra Deep Cycle AGM, Lead Carbon GEL and Lithium.


Poweroad Motorcycle

Our motorcycle range is manufactured by Poweroad, one of the largest manufacturers in the world. We sell the highest performing batteries – GEL and Lithium types. Gel batteries have the ability to withstand either long periods of trickle charging without drying out and can stay in a dormant state for weeks on end. Lithium batteries have the added benefit of reduced weight and can be left in any state of charge.


DC Power and Poweroad Mobility

At DC Battery Technologies we understand how important it is to find for the correct battery for a mobility scooter. There are so many different products on the market. We provide information to make it easy to find the right battery for individual user requirements.


Trojan, DC Power and Poweroad Golf

The golf battery market is split between golf trolleys and golf ride buggies. For both we choose the best batteries on the market. For trolleys we offer Xtra Deep Cycle AGM batteries (optional connectors fitted) and the latest high specification Lithium versions. For golf buggies we offer the very best batteries
available – Trojan – which need no introduction, other than to say that Trojan are the favoured OEM Supplier.


DC Power Chargers

Unless you have the correct charger, your battery performance may be compromised. Our chargers are made to exacting standards. Our golf trolley battery chargers are provided with additional attachments (TBAR). The large 7 Stage chargers we provide are compatible with different battery technologies – Flooded to AGM, or GEL – all of which have a different charging profile.


DC Power Automotive, CV and Agricultural

Our range of automotive car batteries are manufactured to the latest technological requirements and meet the highest quality standards. Sealed maintenance free, flooded for the older technology cars, plus for Stop Start, the EFB (Enhanced) and AGM.

Modern commercial vehicles require the highest standard of battery, especially those with tail-lifts or sleeper cabs, where the battery is required to do more than just start the vehicle. Our commercial vehicle batteries meet these demands, particularly CV Plus types.

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